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Who We Are And What We Stand For!

Introducing the dynamic and spirited DRIP'n Jewels Pom Squad, where the beats of majorette and cheerleading merge to create a vibrant display of talent, rhythm, and unity. Our squad is led by passionate women of color coaches who bring not only expertise but also cultural understanding and empowerment to every routine.

At the heart of our squad is a celebration of Black excellence and sisterhood. We embrace diversity and individuality, fostering an inclusive environment where every member feels valued and supported. Through our dances, we pay homage to the rich traditions of majorette and cheerleading while infusing them with contemporary flair and personal expression.

Our practices are more than just rehearsals; they're transformative experiences where technique meets creativity. Our coaches provide expert instruction in majorette fundamentals, including precise footwork, dazzling spins, and intricate formations. Additionally, they offer comprehensive training in cheerleading techniques, from dynamic stunts to energetic chants, ensuring our squad is versatile and well-rounded.

But beyond mastering routines, our squad cultivates skills that extend far beyond the dance floor. We instill confidence, discipline, and teamwork, empowering our young girls to excel both on and off the stage. Through dedication and perseverance, we build not only exceptional dancers but also strong, resilient individuals ready to take on any challenge.

As ambassadors of our community of Stockbridge GA, we proudly showcase the beauty and grace of Black culture through our performances. Whether on the sidelines of a game, at competitions, or community events, our squad captivates audiences with our electrifying energy and undeniable talent.

Join us on this exhilarating journey where dance is more than just movement—it's a powerful expression of identity, unity, and pride. Become part of the DRIP'n Jewels Pom Squad and experience the magic of majorette and cheerleading like never before.

Tryouts: March 5th and 12th at 6-8pm. 

Ages: 6-16

What to Expect: All dancers must arrive ON TIME and in all black top and bottoms! Check in will start and No Dancers permitted after 6:15pm! A 15 min introduction will be given at 6:15 from your coaches along with an info sheet. Questions will be answered proceeding the tryout session roughly around 7:45pm.

Fee: Registration is $75

We can't wait to meet you guys!!

Register For Tryouts Here!

Tryouts are March 5th and 12th from 6-8pm!

Address: 4463 Walt Stephens Road Stockbridge, Ga 


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